Wavy Mist Craft Block | Quality Glass Block and Window

Wavy Mist Craft Glass Block


6 x 6 x 3"
6 x 6 Deco Glass Block

Wavy Mist Craft Glass Block

With a new spin on creativity, our Discounted Craft Block in Wavy Mist offers more savings and a new pattern to express yourself.  This very special craft block, with a hollowed inside, is available in two sizes and comes complete with the light cord cap.  Providing you with a number of ways to create and use this economical glass block for any purpose or occasion.  Let the artist inside come out with our new Discounted Craft Glass Block, and show off how talented you really are!

Quality Glass Block Wavy Mist Craft Glass Block 6in x 6in x 3in.

Actual Width (in.): 5.75 in
Actual Height (in.): 5.75 in

Actual Thickness (in.): 3.125 in
Visible Light Transmission: 75%
Shading Coefficient: .65