4in Premiere Glass Block Spacers

Premiere Glass Block Spacers
  • Seves Premiere Glass Block Spacers

    Made specifically for our 4 inch thick Premiere Glass Block.  These spacers offer the perfect solution for those who are needing assistance with creating that 1/4" mortar joint.  Coming in bags of 24 pieces and available in cartons of 8 per box, these Premiere Glass Block Spacers are changing things in the glass block industry.  For starters, cutting down assembly time for the contractor or DYI customer.  These Spacers, unlike our Universal Glass Block Spacer come as a fixed piece with no assembly necessary making it easier and less time consuming for all those who are involved.


    For more information on our Seves Premiere Glass Block Spacers, call our team today at Quality Glass Block.

    PDF icon SGB-002 Mortar Install System EN & ES.pdf