70 Series Silverline Geometric Shapes

  • 70 Seires – Geometric Shapes Vinyl Windows

    Coming in a frame depth of 3 ¼” our 70 Series Geometric Shapes make it possible to not only have fixed light in dark areas of your home but can also be combined with like 70 Series Windows.   Made with the same low-maintenance vinyl that is capable of making scratches virtually invisible to the eye this series will not disappoint.

    Color options being the same as the V1 and V3 Series.  Ranging from White, Beige and Sandtone with the ability to get Dark Bronze or Black exterior with a White interior the options and pretty endless.

    Shape options for the 70 Series:

    • Arch Top / Eyebrow
    • Half Circle
    • Extended Half Circle / Palladian
    • Casement Quarter Circle


    With glass options such as the Energy Star rated that can be applied the construction of this window and vinyl color choice is consistent inside and out to make them more appealing to the eye.

    For more information in regards to our 70 Series Geometric Shape Vinyl Windows, call our sales team today and we will be more than happy to assist you.