Ancient Grey Color Glass Block

Ancient Grey Color Glass Block by Quality Glass Block
  • Ancient Grey Nubio Glass Block

    Our Ancient Grey is just that.  This color takes you back into a time when castles stood high and proud in the hills of Ireland.  Can’t you just imagine it?  The dampness of each corridor as you walk through the halls lit only by candlestick.  If you are looking for something more masculine in a color, I would say this would definitely be the one for you.  However, it also doesn’t take away the softness and beauty of natural grey either and can be mixed with any of our other tones of grey or colors to make it a bit more personal.  You can get this one sided, double sided with the options of matte or gloss finishes.


    Would you like to see more of our Ancient Grey?  Call us today at Quality Glass Block and we would be more than happy to assist you.



     Please take note, that all colors may appear differently on each monitor.  If you are interested in a specific color please give us a call and we can better describe it for you.

    When cleaning this product, a damp cloth will be the best.  Do not use acid wash or any Paint Thinners on this product.  Do not acid etch the product. 

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