Our 3 Favorite Bathroom Remodel Ideas Utilizing Glass Block

Summertime is a great time for fun in the sun and spending time with family. It’s also a great time to complete that bathroom remodel you’ve been wanting. To help you get inspired, we’ve pulled together our favorite bathroom remodel ideas using glass block.


Because of course, that’s our area of expertise. All of these ideas utilize premium Seves Glass Block Inc. products, so you know you’re getting the highest quality materials. So let’s get started.


Bathroom Remodel Idea #1: Glass Block Shower
Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Glass BlockBathroom Remodel Ideas with Glass Block

If you have an old style, grungy-looking prefabricated acrylic or fiberglass shower, or shower and tub combo, there’s a good chance you wish you had something more attractive and easier to clean.

If you’re interested in a walk-in shower for your master bathroom, a glass block shower can provide a custom shower look, and is a project handy homeowners can tackle themselves. You can also work with a contractor if you prefer.

We make this an easy bathroom remodel project with our glass block wall kits, available in several styles. They’re perfect for creating a walk in shower - with straight walls, curved wall, or a corner shower. Just add a glass block compatible base to complete your shower. 

You can install glass block showers using mortar, or the mortarless ProVantage Glass Block Installation System. Both options take advantage of translucent blocks built to scatter light while limiting visibility. If your traditional shower is dimly lit, glass blocks will change that forever. And the best part? Glass block showers are super easy to clean!

Many of our customers take this opportunity to upgrade their shower interior with tile for an upscale look. Adding a new showerhead and fixtures completes the look.

Bathroom Remodel Idea #2: Replace Existing Windows with Glass Block Windows
Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Glass Block

But wait! There’s more! If you’re tired of cleaning miniblinds or washing curtains on an existing bathroom window, you can replace an existing window with a glass block window. You can also install glass block windows in an area near your bathtub to add natural light while maintaining privacy.

This is a great solution in a new build or renovation project. If you’re replacing a window with one of the same size, it can be a DIY project. But if you’re thinking about putting in a window where one does not currently exist, it’s best to work with an experienced contractor. Either way, our prefabricated windows make for a smooth installation.

You have a lot of options for glass block windows in your bathroom, including custom sizes, colors, and patterns. For a first floor window, be sure to select a block that provides maximum privacy. And again, glass block is an easy to clean material.

Bathroom Remodel Idea #3: Glass Block Room Divider Offers Simultaneous Beauty and Privacy
Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Glass Block


Whether you’re doing a guest bathroom remodel or a large bathroom remodel, if this is your master bath, you may want to consider a glass block room divider which can allow two people to use the bathroom at the same time, while still providing some privacy.

For example, a half wall between the toilet and another area of the bathroom such as the vanity area or shower allows you the chance to add beauty and privacy at the same time. A glass block wall or half wall can be fully customized with color and pattern to coordinate with your shower, windows, and more. 

Again, we make it easy with our straight glass block wall kits. They’re available in multiple heights, styles, and colors. You can also create your own custom design.

Order Glass Block for Your Bathroom Remodel

Browse our website to see which glass block shower kits and glass block windows inspire you. And be sure to check out our Customer Gallery page for inspiration. Our Pinterest board is also a good source of inspiration for your bathroom makeover. 


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