10 Trendy Ways to Create a Custom Look with Glass Block

Glass block is not as fussy as you think to create a do-it-yourself project.  There are countless options with size, color, and pattern. 

This allows you to create a unique, custom look in your home that provides excellent lighting, privacy, style, heat resistance, sound resistance, and more.

Additionally, with the mortarless system for glass block installation, even the beginner weekend warrior can create a professional look without masonry skills.

Here are 10 options from the easiest of projects to more challenging projects, for any level DIYer.

1.Dress up a Counter or Build a Bar

Countertop peninsulas in the kitchen provide an excellent option for glass block. Simply build the wall in front of the back of the peninsula to create a unique look in your kitchen.  You can also build a simple half wall and put a countertop on and you have an instant bar.  Using our glass block bar kits makes this project even easier to complete. 

Add a few lights behind the block to jazz it up even more.

2.Divide a Room

Erect a glass block half wall or full wall to serve as a room divider.  This provides a great way to section off a room without losing any light.  Our glass block wall kits are also a great option here for any beginner to do this on their own.

3.Build a Backsplash

A simple, single row of glass block can create a fashionable backsplash for any kitchen island or peninsula.  Add a bit of panache to the kitchen and top off with a piece of trim or countertop.  The single row of block provides style, light, and an easily cleanable surface. There are numerous options for color, size, and pattern to choose from to really create a customized look.

4.Enhance the Entry

Those boring, builder standard sidelights on either side of the front door are a bit boring.  Embed glass blocks in place of these windows and create an elegant look for your foyer, as well as your curb appeal.  The glass block still allows in plenty of light, while creating a distinctive first impression for your visitors.

5.Create Your Own Spa Bathroom

Glass blocks work great in the bathroom, this is due to the fact they provide a different way to provide privacy while still letting light pass through, and best of all, they are easy to clean!  Our wall kits make creating a custom shower enclosure easy. 

6.Dress Up the Garden

Design a striking focal point in your backyard with a glass block wall.  The wall creates a divider for your patio area while adding to the beauty of the area.  The glass block will enhance the surrounding vegetation and stonework. 

7.Decorate the Deck

Using glass block pavers you can create a stunning, unique design for your backyard.  These block pavers can break up a dark deck.  Backlight the pavers and create a lovely, lit space for nighttime entertaining.

8.Transform the Basement

Basements don’t have to be boring, dark spaces.  Instead of the basic, builder-grade windows, update the look of your basement with glass block windows.  Our window kits come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to create a distinctive look that provides privacy, yet still lets in plenty of light. We also have a limited selection of windows on sale now, limited quantities, so act fast!

9.Light it Up

Glass block lets light through, however it can also provide light.  Simply pop out the top of craft block, or drill a hole in the block of your choice and place LED string lights inside.  Get creative with decals or paint and create a unique, stylish, customized nightlight for any space in your home.

10.Fill ‘er Up

Hollow glass blocks create a container for just about anything, use craft block or any architectural block and drill a hole.  Create holiday décor and fill with candy or baubles, use window clings or vinyl decals to create a unique gift for anyone, including yourself. Get creative!

Anyone can master a glass block project.  Best of all, if you don’t want to spend a lot we have a great selection of glass block on sale right now.  Check out our Sales & Specials and get creative!