4 Reasons to Use Glass Blocks in Your 2020 Bathroom Renovation

Are you planning to renovate your home’s master bathroom in 2020? Before getting started, did you know that loose glass blocks can help you create a master bathroom you’ll absolutely love?

It’s true. In this article, we’re going to tell you why glass blocks are perfect for your bathroom remodeling project.

Keep reading for great information on how incorporating glass blocks in a master bathroom renovation can keep your remodeling costs in check, customize your remodel to capture your unique personality and vision, and help you create your dream bathroom atmosphere.

Start The Decade On Trend and On Point

Deep tones and natural accents are on-point as the decade begins to unpack its home decor trends. Dark shades of emerald, stormy ocean greys, and champagne inspired pinks are glossing the covers of today’s top home design magazines; bring those latest color trends into your master bathroom space this year with colored loose glass blocks. How? Try our following ideas or allow them to inspire your own creativity and designs.

Oasis Inspired Walk-In Shower

Create a private oasis, just for you, inspired by the relaxing and soothing waters of the Caribbean Sea. Bring the relaxation of the warm southern waves to your home with an easy-to-maintain walk-in shower door constructed of clear glass blocks and accented with our Caribbean Blue Nubio glass blocks. To add texture and depth to your master bath, add tropical plants and beach-inspired accents to your decor.

Prefer the feel of a jungle destination? Use our custom, animal print glass blocks for added richness and depth.


Haute Couture Inspired Home

Did you know that Chanel - yes, THE Chanel Company - opted to use loose glass bricks in 2016 to construct a premier storefront facade in Amsterdam? They did! And the result is simply stunning. Now operated by another fashion powerhouse, Hermes, the glass brick facade is still a masterpiece.

Create your own private piece of haute couture in your master bath using glass bricks from Quality Glass Blocks. Our solid glass bricks are one of a kind and definitely a statement of beauty. Select clear ones for a great contemporary look or choose one of our colored glass bricks to add your unique sense of flair and style.

Let In the Light, Without Sacrificing Your Privacy

Maximizing natural light in your bathroom is a wonderful way to enhance and beautify the space, but not if it compromises your privacy. At Quality Glass Blocks, we recommend using any of our loose glass blocks to keep as much of the natural light as possible to brighten the room and secure your privacy.
Privacy walls made with loose glass blocks easily provide your master bathroom design with privacy while limiting the use of light blocking methods, like dark, heavy curtains. For your master bathroom window solutions, consider installing a glass block window. They add function, security, and value to your home, both inside and out.
Learn four ways glass blocks improve your home’s curb appeal here.

Keep Remodeling Costs In Check

Master bathroom renovations are big projects that can quickly skyrocket out of your proposed budget. If unexpected plumbing and construction issues arise, the cost to fix those unwanted surprises can grow out of control.

While using loose glass blocks can’t prevent you from dealing with unforeseen plumbing issues (sorry!), they can help avoid unexpected costs. When choosing to use loose glass blocks as part of the design and decor of your project, the cost of supplies can be easily determined and adhered to. At Quality Glass Blocks, our online ordering system makes it easy to know what you need for your project and exactly how much it will cost. No surprises!

Create a Master Bathroom That’s Uniquely You

If your dream master bath requires features and decor that are as unique as you are, consider our custom glass block designs! Using your images, patterns, and ideas, customize your loose glass blocks and use them in a privacy wall, walk-in shower, or, decorative accents throughout your project. Want more ideas on how to add a splash to your bathroom project? Click here!

Choose Glass Blocks to Enhance Your Master Bathroom in 2020

Turn your master bath into a unique retreat, customized to your taste and preference, using loose glass blocks from Quality Glass Blocks. Since 1976 we’ve supplied homeowners, contractors, and interior designers with wholesale loose glass blocks and windows. We are a nationally respected supplier and are proud to provide materials to all sizes of projects, large and small. Friendly and family-owned, we’re happy to help you find what you need.