6 Ways Glass Blocks Help You Create A Backyard Oasis

When the spring season arrives, it’s hard to resist the new sights and scents that it brings. Tulips, chirping birds, and longer days are a truly welcome sight after winter - but dealing with neglected outdoor spaces isn’t as invigorating. Instead of slamming the door in spring’s sun-filled face, beautify your backyard with ease using glass blocks as part of your landscaping plans.


Start with planning landscaping projects you and your family will love - comfortable sitting areas, enticing flower beds, or additional privacy features. Combine your ideas with our selection of quality glass blocks online to create a stunning, awe-inspiring backyard oasis.


Need ideas to help you get started? We’ve got six ways clear or colored glass blocks can help you create an outdoor oasis to help you relax during the warm spring and summer months.

Illuminate with Sun Power

Do you have a dark space in your yard that’s creepy and unappealing after sunset? Instead of allowing it to be a reliable source of jitters and spooky stories, transform it into an inviting area with some eco-friendly help.


Brighten your dark outdoor spaces and walkways with solar-powered lights! A safe, well-lit path is easily created with installation-free, inground photovoltaic glass blocks. Plus, they are as efficient as they are attractive. 


Opting for eco-friendly, solar-powered options when adding light to paths, sidewalks, or rock gardens is a great way to conserve energy without having to compromise the convenience and safety of a well-lit outdoor space.  


Tranquility in the Outdoors 

For an oasis that also feeds your need for zen-living, consider building a water feature using online glass blocks and simple supplies from a garden or home store. Try the following:


  • Purchase a water fountain from a local nursery or home store.
  • Identify an outdoor space to display your water fountain.
  • Select loose glass blocks online you’d like as a background accent to your fountain. Choose from a variety of clear or colored options in multiple styles and colors. Use your imagination!
  • Using the proper accessories and supplies, build the glass block wall in the location you selected for the fountain.
  • Place your fountain in front and enjoy your custom-designed garden feature.

Flower Bed Night Lite

Stunning blooms are the star of a spring and summer garden while the sun is up, but fade into the darkness when the evening constellations appear. Keep the efforts of your gardening labors front and center, even after sunset, with inground glass solar lights. 

Backyard Patio Bar

Make your outdoor space the “patio to be” this summer by including an outdoor bar to your oasis landscape plans. Consider using a pre-designed glass block bar kit for a showstopping entertainment area for you and your guests. 


Glass blocks and bricks are a natural material choice for outdoor living space design because of their beauty, versatility, and durability. Both strong and visually appealing, glass blocks are low maintenance materials that can also withstand harsh weather in the cooler months. Ideal for all climates throughout the country!

Privacy That Keeps the Natural Light

Enhancing privacy in a backyard or outdoor space is a common goal of many spring landscaping projects. Creating the right balance between privacy and allowing in natural light is an important factor to consider as part of your project arrangements.


Finding ways to enhance privacy without creating dark, shady areas can take some creative thinking. A great way to deter inquisitive neighbors and keep the sunshine beaming is by choosing clear glass blocks or bricks to create the exact level of privacy you want for your space.


Combine loose glass blocks as part of an attractive garden privacy screen, to soften the appearance of stern brick walls, or as a unique windscreen that doesn’t throw shade. 

Pool and Hot Tub Decor

Decor for the outdoor pool and hot tub areas should be elegant and enhance privacy. Glass blocks and glass bricks are a perfect option to help you turn a bland pool deck into an irresistible lounge space.


In outdoor areas where maintaining privacy is a must, try one of our glass block wall kits to construct a straight or curved glass privacy wall. A beautiful glass block wall by a pool or hot tub will provide a convenient change space for you and your visitors to use comfortably. Incorporate different styles and colors to personalize the area or customize a unique low maintenance art mural.

Choose Glass Blocks for a Perfect Backyard Oasis

When creating the perfect backyard oasis to enjoy all season long, use materials that are attractive, affordable, versatile, and durable. Home should be a place of refuge, respite, and a sense of security for you and your loved ones. Use products, like glass blocks, that support and enhance your home’s comfort and source of well-being.