7 Christmas Inspired Craft Glass Block Projects

For crafters and the DIY-oriented, Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year! With so many crafts and home decor projects to choose from, it's incredibly easy to get the creative juices flowing while delighting in the magic of the season. If you haven't tried working with craft glass block before, Christmas is the perfect time to explore its limitless possibilities.  


Not sure how to get started with craft glass block? For instant inspiration, take a look at these 9 stunning Christmas craft projects.


Sweet & Simple Holiday Craft Glass Block Candy Jar


What better way to display your favourite Christmas candy than in a customized, holiday-themed candy jar! Making your own is super easy with a clear craft glass block and can be designed to match any Christmas decor theme. Imagine how fun it would be to have this unique creation on an entryway table to welcome holiday guests. Or, have it as the centrepiece to a whimsical hot chocolate bar to be enjoyed after an afternoon of sledding.

All you need to make a craft glass block candy jar of your own is:


  • DecoBloc clear crafting glass block.
  • Candy of your choice
  • Chrismas themed ribbon
  • 2 Candy canes
  • Decorative tags


Enjoy an Illuminating Christmas Gift

Do you love the look of Christmas gifts carefully displayed under the tree? You can illuminate the tree with a craft glass block before presents are wrapped with festive glass block "gifts"! A string of battery-operated lights and holiday-themed ribbon is all you need to turn an elegant glass block into a stunning decoration ideal for placing under the tree.  


We recommend trying the Decobloc - Wave for this simple craft. It was designed for artists and crafters to unleash their creativity and showcase their individual expressions. Decobloc - Wave is hollowed inside, making it perfect for white or colorful twinkle lights. Each block comes equipped with an insert and cap that adds a professional finishing touch to your project. 


Brighten the Season with An Adorable Christmas Penguin


Image from: https://www.craftymorning.com/christmas-glass-block-craft-ideas/


Penguins add a touch of whimsy and cheer to any holiday decor! Why not turn a craft glass block into the most adorable winter penguin? Your unique creation can be displayed on a fireplace mantle, in a guest bathroom or, use as a seasonal night light in a child's bedroom.


When painting craft glass block, be sure to use good quality acrylic paint or glass paint. To avoid unsightly, streaky brush marks, try using a sponge to apply the paint. Another option is simply to apply multiple coats of paint until the surface is coated uniformly.


When using paint on a piece that's to be illuminated, try using lighter colors that allow light to penetrate and shine through.


This would also make a perfect gift for kids to make for their grandparents, teachers, or coaches.

Display Treasured Holiday Crafts

If you have a child or crafter in your life, you likely have a collection of beautiful and tiny hand-crafted treasures that you're not quite sure what to do with. Try displaying those beloved holiday crafts with the help of a craft glass block! 


With your craft glass block, all you need is a standard glue gun, holiday ribbon or craft snow, and a few of your most favoured craft items. Of course, some creativity and craftiness are also required.


For this design, we recommend using the DecoBloc - Clear craft glass block.


Create A Quiet Winter Scene

Image courtesy of: https://craft.ideas2live4.com/2017/03/01/glass-block-ideas/


The quiet and solitude of winter can almost be felt when looking at this art piece. Artists looking to captivate their audience and use an incredibly unique canvas should consider a craft glass block. Can you imagine how beautiful this frost-laden scene will look with a glowing strand of twinkly white lights tucked within?


Using acrylic paint, any artist can create a holiday-inspired art piece for their home and loved ones. For an outdoor scene, consider utilizing the DecoBloc - Wave craft glass block. It's beautiful, and its wavy texture is delightful to enhance a stunning horizon.

Use Vinyl Letters to Express Holiday Cheer

Image courtesy of: https://burtonavenue.com/lighted-christmas-glass-block/


When craft glass block is combined with vinyl lettering and cutouts, the possibility to express your creativity is both endless and simple! Vinyl letters adhere beautifully to craft glass block and can be customized to meet your imagination.


Vinyl lettering can be purchased at craft stores, online, or made by yourself on an at-home cutting machine, such as a Cricut. Try spraying the block with frosted paint before adding letters to soften the light radiating from within when making a project with vinyl lettering.


Glass block vases can also be used for unique holiday projects with vinyl lettering. Our craft glass block vases are available in the popular wavy texture and make a beautiful canvas for a unique holiday decor project.


Save Time with Custom Holiday Glass Blocks

If you love the look and ambiance of a festive glass block project, but crafty projects aren't your thing, let our qualified artists create one for you. At Quality Glass Block and Window, we have a beautiful collection of Christmas-themed decor that can brighten your home for years to come. 


With seven festive designs to choose from, you'll quickly have envy-inspiring decorations on display in short order. Our Christmas collection has the following options available:



Order Craft Glass Block For Your Holiday Art Design

Browse our craft glass block selection to explore the different sizes, colors and designs available. Our Pinterest board and Facebook page are great resources for even more holiday craft glass block inspiration. If you have any questions about craft glass block, contact us. Our team is always ready and happy to help.