7 Stunning Glass Block Bathroom Window Ideas We LOVE!

The combination of glass block with a bathroom window is truly a heavenly match. There is no better way to preserve a bathroom’s privacy while allowing loads of natural light to stream into a bathroom than with a custom or pre-fabricated glass block window. And, with the numerous glass block collections available to choose from, every aesthetic preference is easily accommodated. 


With the many different glass block bathroom windows to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down your favorite. Fortunately, there are tons of finished glass block window projects out there to lend us some inspiration and new ideas. 


Let’s take a look at seven stunning glass block bathroom window ideas we absolutely love.

Modern Spa Bathroom


This bathroom window perfectly embodies the crisp, relaxing cleanliness of a modern day-spa. The two different glass block sizes used in this custom creation express a unique artistic interest in the design and provide natural light, security, and privacy.


To recreate this look in your design project, consider designing a similar piece using the Nubio Premiere™ Series glass block or with MyMiniGlass Arctic glass blocks.


Character Building Glass Block Bathroom Window

Adding charm and character to a home is easily done with a simple glass block window. We love the above glass block bathroom window design because of the way it adds a unique personality to an already character-infused space. The beautiful farmhouse trim surrounding the custom window lovingly enhances the golden yellow hue featured in the vintage-inspired design.


If you’re curious about how to add a bathroom window like this to your home, take a look at the Pegasus 19 collection of glass block. With well over a dozen different options in colour, finish and size, this is the perfect product to add that “certain charm” your home’s been waiting for.


The Fields of Lavender Mural


This exceptionally stunning mural was created in-house at Quality Glass Block & Window using our glass fusion technology process and the client’s personal photo. What started as a wish to recapture a memory-filled holiday became a gorgeous and genuinely one-of-a-kind art piece for an ensuite bathroom.


To learn more about creating your own glass block mural, visit the information page here.

Vented Bathroom Window


Those hesitant about installing glass block bathroom windows due to ventilation concerns can lay those worries to rest. As seen in this blog here, glass block windows can be fitted with hopper vents that allow fresh air to flow freely and create an exit for steam and humidity to escape.


Vented windows can be custom-made from many lines of glass block, including the European 19 Series.

Bright Shower Space

As architectural trends and designs lean towards smaller spaces and high-density living, the challenge to incorporate natural light and privacy is increasing. Finding solutions that make small spaces habitable and bright can be made easier with glass block. 


This shower is a perfect example of how glass block can be used to maximize the daylighting potential of a small space. Different glass block patterns offer various light transmission and privacy levels. For example, the Light Diffusing glass block from Seves Premiere™Series, as seen above, beautifully reduces glare from direct sunlight and has a high privacy setting.

Interior Glass Block Bathroom Window


Interior windows serve as a corridor for natural light to move freely throughout a home. This effect lowers artificial lighting costs, conserves heat and creates a sense of openness while providing individual spaces to occupants. 


For a primary ensuite that is small and feels crowded, the addition of an interior window between the bathroom and bedroom area can open up the space without compromising privacy. Additionally, glass block has sound dampening qualities that will allow residents in each space to harmoniously co-exist.


Bathed In Natural Light


A sweeping expanse of windows may not be expected of a luxury bathroom design; however, it is a beautiful way to bring a sense of the outdoors inside. In this situation, the use of glass block allows the best of both worlds to come together in the upscale and modern bath design seen above.

Consult the Glass Block Bathroom Window Experts

Glass block bathroom windows add beautiful, unique designs to a home while securing greater access to natural light and security. When you’re ready to start planning your next bathroom design, consult our glass block experts. We’ll help you create top-quality windows that meet your aesthetic needs.