7 Unforgettable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Using Glass Craft Blocks

This Valentine's Day, gift your Valentine with a true token of your affection by giving them a handmade keepsake you’ve designed. Using our craft glass blocks that are proudly made in the United States, you can uniquely capture the personality of your relationship. Glass block crafts are an easy, beautiful, and affordable option to use as a gift for your loved ones this February.

Not sure where to start? We think this is a good place. Below are seven unforgettable ideas that we're confident your Valentine will appreciate. 


Consider a Twist on Tradition


Classic gifts, like boxed chocolates and flowers, can become tiresome Valentine's gifts. They may even appear thoughtless when received year-after-year if given without a touch of thoughtfulness. However, please don't give up on traditional candy and red roses as gift ideas; refresh their image. Try these two ideas we love to make a classic gift idea new again.


Personalized Chocolate Box 

Instead, try a personal approach. After purchasing your Valentine's favorite confection use their favorite treats and fill an empty craft glass block with them. 

Top it off with a beautiful bow or, add vinyl stickers (available at crafting supply store) to your creation. 

Voila! You have a new, personalized way to give a favored Valentine's Day gift.


Custom Flower Vase

Everyone likes fresh flowers, but sadly, blossoms don't last forever. Add power to your Valentine's Day flowers simply by displaying your bouquet in a customized vessel. Turn your vase into a valued memento by using a glass craft block that's customized with a favorite photo. Our patented fusion application process, exclusive to Quality Glass Blocks will produce a gift guaranteed to impress! With this idea, after the flowers have faded, your Valentine will have a lovely, personalized vase to use time and again.


Use Your Words

Words are important on February’s day of love, but romantic greeting cards don't always express what you'd like to say. Instead of roaming the Valentine card aisle looking for the perfect expressions, rely on your own thoughts to win-over your love’s affection. Once you've found the right words, use them to create a thoughtful and fun gift, like the two ideas below.


Love Notes

A craft glass block filled with love notes are super gift ideas your Valentine will appreciate for its thoughtfulness and care of preparation. 


Bonus: for the one giving the gift, it's effortless to create.


A stack of stationary, an empty glass craft block, and loving words to make your partner l swoon are all you need to turn this gift idea into a romantic success. 


Want ideas to get in the creative writing flow? Try finishing open-ended sentences like, "I love it when you…." or "My heart smiles because of your…."

Whatever you end up jotting down, be sure your words come straight from the heart.


Handmade Coupons

Just like the love note jar above, hand made coupons are an easy and inexpensive way to show someone exactly how much you care. Young kids will be thrilled to decorate a special keepsake for parents and then, stuff it full of their handmade coupons. 


For a family-focused coupon jar, let kids decorate a glass craft block using glass markers, glass paint, or glitter glue. While the glue dries and the paint sets, have kids make coupons for free hugs, foot rubs, or even simple chores. 


What parent wouldn't be excited to receive that this Valentine's Day?


Create Memories to Reflect On


Gifts for Valentine's Day are a great opportunity to keep the romance and love in a relationship in- focus for the year to come. Thoughtful expressions, made by hand, quickly become treasured mementos that will evoke pleasant memories in the future. Try any of the following ideas to create a memorable keepsake or, be inspired to create your own.

Holiday Line Custom Glass block

Accent Lighting

Set the stage for romance with accent lights you've made specifically for your Valentine. Accent lights are similar to candlelight but don’t introduce the risk of fire. All you need is a strand of fairy lights and an empty glass craft block. 


Battery operated fairy lights are dainty and easy to find, perfect for placing inside a hollow glass craft block to create a beautiful glow. Make the light a delightful decor item by customizing the glass block any way you wish.


Photo Keepsake

Impress the grandparents in your life this Valentine's Day with a custom glass craft block with an image of their favorite grandchild fused right into the design! It's a perfect way to express appreciation and love across all the generations in your life. Melt grandparent's hearts even further by adding a string of fairy lights to the glass block as well as a handwritten note or drawing from the grandchild. Best grandparent Valentine's Day gift ever.


Grand Entrance Jewelry Box

If spoiling your Valentine with lavish gifts, like jewelry, is your style then create a grand entrance by presenting the gift in a glass craft block. Twinkle lights, romantic touches of paint, and an elegant bow will make the package as valuable as the contents.


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