Add Some Pizazz to Your Home with a Glass Block Island or Bar

Add Some Pizazz to Your Home with a Glass Block Island or Bar 

The Holidays are just around the corner, and with them often comes the prospect of entertaining family and friends.  As the summer wanes, this is often the time when homeowners start to look around their homes to see what decorating projects will make their homes more inviting and beautiful.

Adding a new bar to the basement or rec room might be one DIY project that both homeowners and guests will appreciate.  While for many homeowners, this means hammering together some plywood and adding a countertop. The result may be a little “ho-hum.”  But what if the new bar could make a dramatic statement for just about the same cost and level of DIY expertise?

An Unconventional Idea: A Glass Block Bar

Using a glass block kit can take a bar project from mundane to outstanding, making the bar a truly unique conversation piece.

Glass block bar kits provide light transmission, unique designs and a clean modern look. The look can be further enhanced by the new smooth corner blocks.  These 90-degree corner blocks add a very professional and finished look. 

Finally, the bar can be further customized by adding lighting to complete the look, making it a sparkling and beautiful addition to any room.

You Don’t Have to be an Expert

Glass block kits come with a detailed set of instructions along with a list of material needed to complete the project.

Glass block kits can also be customized to the specific width and height needed, giving complete flexibility when it comes to the size and shape of the space allotted to the bar. 

Don’t Forget the Kitchen

Updating a kitchen might also be on the list of projects for the holidays.  However, a quick update doesn’t have to break the bank. Adding glass block can give the kitchen a modern twist.  Glass blocks can be added to an existing island or a new island can be constructed with one of the many glass block kits available.  Again, the newer curved blocks will not only make the project easier, but will give the professional, finished look valued homeowners who want their home to be the best it can be.


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