Add Splash to Your Bathroom

Glass Block Wall


Add “Splash” to Your Bathroom

Think glass blocks are out of style?  Think again.  Today’s glass blocks come in many styles, colors and textures that will add a custom look to any bathroom. 

Even better, there are economical ways to achieve gorgeous results. You no longer must hire a mason to install clunky blocks.  There are kits available that can be assembled by an ambitious homeowner or a handyman. 

Showers Big and Small

If your space can accommodate a standard sized shower, there are kits available that closely resemble a traditional shower, complete with a shower door. The difference between glass block and ceramic or acrylic showers is that the glass block provides a durable and easily maintained surface. Privacy is protected, as the translucent blocks scatter light and distort images, limiting visibility, while letting light into the shower area. The kits come with the newer, thinner glass blocks that give you a lot more elbow room than the older, thicker blocks.

If you have a larger space, a walk-in shower might be a more upscale option. These glass block walk-in showers are built to be spacious, luxurious and highly practical. Unlike the standard fit shower, the walk-in designs include larger glass block walls, often have a beautiful curvature. Many do not need shower doors.

The kits come with customized acrylic bases, designed to give support for the glass blocks. The bases are easy to clean, stain-resistant and durable.  Shower doors are designed to give a perfect fit and easy to install.

Want a Custom Shower?

For those who need or want a custom-built shower, glass blocks are available as single blocks or in many wall sizes that can be put together in innovative ways. There are also curved blocks that can achieve many designs and looks.

Quality Glass Block carries products that provide stunning results for windows, shower systems, vinyl windows and more.  Call Quality Glass Block to discover the many ways glass block can make your home the star of the neighborhood!