Are you ready for Winter

If the predictions are true, we are in for another very cold and windy winter.  And as energy costs continue to rise, homeowners are more aware of building materials that are energy-efficient.  Houses that are properly insulated and sealed can save thousands of dollars in heating bills over the years.  Windows let light in during the day, this keep us happier and saves on electricity bills. However, if the windows do not provide proper insulation, the heat loss can be significant, leading to higher energy costs. Glass block windows may be the right alternative for homeowners who want to combine the advantage of letting daylight in while keeping the cold winter winds out.

Energy-efficient glass block panels meet standards for thermal transmittance and can help keep HVAC costs in line.  Each glass block has a low-emissivity coated glass panel sandwiched inside to keep interiors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.   The insulation properties of the glass block windows are similar to high-end double-pane windows. However, an added advantage is the fact that these windows are as airtight as the wall surrounding them, keeping the cold winter drafts out of the home, which can reduce heating costs significantly. 


Glass block windows have many properties that make them an attractive alternative to traditional windows, including:

·       Beauty.  Glass block windows come in various designs that literally make the light dance as it enters a room, creating patterns of light and shadows impossible with other glass windows.

·       Security.  Breaking a glass block window requires the force of a hammer.  Most burglars will move to another house when they encounter glass block windows. 

·       Easy to maintain. These blocks are resistant to most damage and are very easy to keep clean.

·       Privacy. While the windows provide plenty of light, they keep your home safe from prying eyes. No draperies or blinds required.

Quality Glass Block and Window Company understands the importance of safety, security and energy efficiency. Please contact our experts today to learn more about the many advantage of glass block windows. 

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