Argus Glass Blocks Remain Historic


Since the early 1900’s glass blocks had been used within many buildings that are today considered to be “historical”. While a good many manufactures have gone bust or have drastically altered the properties in their glass blocks, one has continued to be the same since its production early last century. Argus glass block has always been highly sought after with commercial construction due to sturdy construction, light transmission and enabling moderate privacy. Several of the buildings that used this glass block during construction are now renovated by historical societies throughout the nation. The majority are using Quality Glass Block and Window for their high level of expertise and assistance and capabilities.

Quality Glass Block and Window Co. have recently served a nearby construction company with the makeovers to the Northwest Armory in Chicago Illinois. With the need for thousands of pieces of Argus glass block, Quality Glass Block equipped them with what was required for this scope of the project. Quality Glass Block has long been helping other modernization undertakings too.

The Argus glass block has remained identical since the beginning. These historically substantial glass blocks can be found at Quality Glass Block and Window Co. website. Quality Glass Block has the capabilities of furnishing identical products for architectural approval and offering almost limitless quantities of glass block essential for any job.

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