Color Glass Block: Use These 3 Colors to Brighten the Mood

Looking for ways to boost your mood at home? Why not try using color glass blocks in your decor? Each color has its own unique set of properties that can affect our emotions in different ways. Add the perfect mood-setting colour to your home with a glass block shower, window or custom art piece.


In addition to having a cheerful atmosphere, you'll also experience the many benefits of natural light.


In this blog post, we will explore the effects of three invigorating colors that radiate positive vibes and how you can use them in conjunction with glass block to improve your mood!


Add Energy with Red 

Red is the color of energy and excitement. Studies have shown that red can increase our heart rate and make us feel more alert. This makes it an excellent choice for areas of our home that need to be more lively or active, such as your home office or workout area.


"Revolutions are ignited by it, the camera loves it and people go to court over it – no other colour has the extraordinary appeal of red."  

-Charlotte Sinclair, Vogue


When firing up the energy of a living space, consider the following ideas that use red-hued color glass block:


  • Use red glass blocks as a backsplash in your kitchen for a pop of lively color. 
  • Consider a deep garnet glass block for a dramatic bar area, such as Rubino from our Mendini line.



Get Happy with Orange

Orange is the color of happiness and joy. It can create a sense of optimism and be great for spaces where you want to feel cheerful, such as your living room, entryway, child's bedroom, or kitchen.


Several brands use orange in their marketing and advertising materials to promote a sense of trust, friendliness, and respectability. Some examples of these include Home Depot, Amazon, Nickelodeon and Dunkin Donuts.


When creating a joyful and warm environment in your interior design scheme, try incorporating the following orange-hued glass block options:



Any of the orange-tinted glass blocks listed above would work well in an inviting entryway partition wall, cheerful patio bar, or as part of a custom glass block window.


Add Rays of Sunshine with Yellow

Yellow is found everywhere in nature - in freshly blooming flower petals, buzzing bees, and the golden fields of farmland. Yellow is the color of happiness and sunshine. It can help brighten up a space and promote feelings of joy and happiness. 


It's a happy, youthful colour that elicits feelings of hope and positivity. This makes yellow a perfect choice for use in areas like a dining room, bathroom, or a child's playroom.


When remodelling a bathroom, consider adding yellow glass block as part of your glass block shower plans. This will add a sense of cheeriness and optimism, perfect boosts to start every day.  


Examples of our yellow glass block options from Seves Glass Block include:



With yellow glass block in your home decor plan, you'll always have an abundance of sunshine to keep you cheery and upbeat.


Add Positivity with Color Glass Block

If you're looking for a way to add positivity and happiness to your home this year, consider using high quality color glass block. It's a material that can be used in almost every room and is ideal for showers, patios and any number of interior design projects. 

Ready to take the next step? We are here to help with every step of the process, including helping you create your vision through to the final glass block installation! Contact Quality Glass Block today at (815) 416 1007 or visit our website.