Common Customer Questions About Using Glass Block

Common Questions about using Glass Block


Common Customer Questions About Using Glass Block


How can I provide privacy, but still provide outside light and create a unique look?


Residential Series Glass Block provides a clear block in a variety of patterns, sizes, and textures.  This line features the ability to make use of natural light, but still provides privacy from outside passers-by.  These blocks are functional and stylish, creating a unique look and something a more customized look than a regular window. (Bonus:  With glass block windows you don’t need curtains!)

I like the look of a barrier-free shower that is curved, allowing a roll-in entry, what are my options?

Curved glass block shower walls are a great option for this type of shower.  We have curved glass block wall kits available for purchase and we offer two very special glass block shapes that allow you to make whatever curves and corners you need.

Our Allbend glass block gives you tight, uniform curved rounded corner. The Arque glass block will give you a beautiful display of smooth uninterrupted turns in your glass block wall and is available is two patterns and several size options.

Our Corner Block Kit gives you the ability to form a 90-degree corner on your wall that results in a geometrically rounded, continuous glass face.  The Hedron is also available in two patterns and several size options.

How can I create a custom look, but stay within budget using glass block?

Mixing frosted and colored glass blocks, using different sizes and/or patterns can create a one-of-a-kind design that will provide a unique, custom look for your home, but still provide light and privacy.


Can I use glass block as pavers?

You cannot use glass blocks as pavers, but there are glass “bricks” that can be used as pavers. The Vistabrik Glass Brick Pavers are a solid 1.5" glass block for commercial and residential use. These Vistabrik Pavers are solid glass bricks that can be used for paths, accents, and with a grid system, for floors.



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