Contractors and Builders Find a Unique Partner in Quality Glass Block and Window Co.

With the growing price of materials and supplies from increasing transportation costs, more contractors have been searching for suppliers that can not only keep their costs down, but will also supply a higher level of service to assist in their ownnet profit. Quality Glass Block and Window Co. surpassall expectations.

Quality Glass Block and Window Co. have increasingly sought ways to enhance their standard of service; by continuing to keep price increases low, offering great deals for contractors and property managers and even providing free delivery inside a thirty mile radius of their Morris location. With glass blocks at the forefront of this organization's business, there doesn't seem to be a glass block product not listed in their wide inventory list. From numerous sizes and patterns of individual glass block to pre made glass block windows and vinyl wrapped glass block windows.

Quality Glass Block and Window Co. have really set the bar for customer service. With everything else they provide and do for customers, it is no surprise they have end up being the Midwest's premier glass block supplier. If all of the perks above weren't enough, this company also offers free design and layout assistance. Basically inform them of the dimensions required for glass block windows or aglass block shower enclosure. They will do all of the calculations to provide contractors with the glass block needed and the cost of each of the components to have the job done.