Crafting with Quality Glass Blocks


Craft Glass Block


Glass blocks have come a long way from the utilitarian windows found in factories and bathrooms. Today, glass blocks are seen in many and varied projects, both commercial and residential, and their use only limited by the imagination.

One of the most interesting uses of glass blocks is in craft projects.  These beautiful art pieces are often found at craft fairs and boutiques. However, the availability of these blocks to the public makes them perfect for even a novice crafter or artist. Blocks are available in many styles and sizes and are hollowed out in order to accept an almost infinite number of decorative bits. Many are pre-drilled to accept lights, and are also available with openings that make them perfect for night lights, lighted decorations, vases and planters. 

Crafters and artists alike value these pieces for their versatility and intrinsic beauty, making them the perfect starting point for amazing art projects.  Because they are heavy and quite stable, they are hard to knock over, even by exuberant children and pets.  Besides lights, the blocks can be filled with sand, marbles, coins and even water. 

While many people use these blocks to make lighted Christmas gifts or accessories, Christmas is not the only time of year to use them.  Adding sand and shells can remind us of summers on the beach.  A few rocks and water can make a few fresh flowers look amazing.  Glass blocks can also make the perfect utensil holder in a modern kitchen. 

Adding the right decorative elements on the outside of a block and using it as a bank can give children an incentive to save.  They will be happy to see the results of their efforts by watching the level of the coins grow in the block.  Children will also be fascinated by having a decorated “night light” in their rooms. Adding a small string of twinkle lights will provide a gentle glow, not too bright for sleep.

Cogir Glass Blocks use a special glass fusion process, allowing amazing and colorful designs to be fused to the glass. These visually stunning pieces give another dimension to the blocks, turning them into beautiful works of art.

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