As Crafting Season Comes to an End, So do All the Great Deals on Crafting Supplies


Crafters are really a passionate group of individuals. They utilize their artistic abilities to give a small piece of themselves to the world. A true crafter isn’t about the money and the sales. Where they really excel at, besides their artistic gift, is finding the great deals on the supplies they use and saving money on those supplies.

Like the crazy parents that sit outside of the toy store in zero degree weather for days on end to get a child a particular toy for their child, the crafters are just as relentless in their pursuit for the best deal possible

Quality Glass Block and Window Co. have been supplying these dedicated crafters for several years with glass blocks. “Some of the ideas these crafters come up with are really truly amazing”, said Ray Tuminello, President of Quality Glass Block and Window Co. “I have worked with glass block my entire life and still find myself amazed at what a little glue, some fabric, ribbons, glitter and light bulbs can do for a craft glass block”. Glass Block Crafts make great night lights, paper weights, center pieces or even piggy banks. It seems as though, every year the crafters come up with new and original glass block crafting ideas that blow last year’s fads completely away. But as this year’s crafting season comes to an end, unfortunately so does the sales and deals for the needed supplies. “Our crafting customers are a fun bunch, we absolutely love taking care of them and receiving pictures from them of what they do with our products”, said Ray Tuminello. “That is why this year; we are offering an ‘end of season’ special for our current crafting customers as well as new and potential crafters”.

Quality Glass Block and Window Co. are offering their two most popular craft glass block to the crafting community at a special discounted price. The Deco Block Crafting Block comes pre-drilled with insert caps that allow the crafter to insert loose change, lights or anything they can fit. Available in four sizes and two astonishing patterns, and the Wavy Mist glass block with a frosted pattern that gives lights a nice soft glow and an accent to the finished artwork. “We can’t guarantee this special pricing for next season, so we want to be able to keep our crafting customers happy and give them the opportunity to make next seasons purchases this year at these unbeatable prices”. The Deco Block and Wavy Mist craft glass block can be purchased with this special pricing directly online at Quality Glass Block and Window Co. website. While there, all crafters are encouraged to upload any pictures of their creative genius for the world to see.