Customize your look with Glass Block


Glass blocks are among the easiest and best ways to add a visually pleasing atmosphere to your home or building. Whether you want windows that provide security and safety, an internal wall that provides a well-lit space with plenty of privacy, or an outdoor sign that grabs the attention of anyone passing, glass blocks have your answer.

Today’s glass blocks can be customized to fit whatever style you are looking for.  They come in the sizes, colors, patterns and durability that make them a versatile alternative for many building projects indoors and out.

Quality Glass Block Allows You to Choose Your Installation Method

Installation can be with or without mortar. The mortar-free option is part of the ProVantage Glass Block Installation System. It includes a special spacer system and anchor system for easy use.  The mortar system includes the spacers, anchors, and reinforcement used in all traditional mortar systems.

Quality Glass Block Is Your One Stop Shop

When investing in high quality glass block materials for your project, it makes sense pay attention to the little things that contribute to a solid installation. Quality Glass Block supplies accessories for everything from do-it-yourself projects to large-scale commercial construction.  With their on-site design staff, Quality Glass Block can suggest creative applications and make sure that you have all the materials, tools and accessories needed.

At Quality Glass Block and Window, we have professionals on staff that can help you figure out what method works best for your project and can help you with installation tips.  Our team is also available to help you if you have any questions during installation.

You can see all accessories you need for both mortar and mortarless installation on our website.  Additionally, if you are new to this or want to tackle a DIY project we sell glass block kits in a variety of sizes and shapes.