Decorate with Expressive Glass Block Artwork

With a bit of creativity and some glass blocks, you can take on projects that are both useful and artistic. A woman encouraging her sons to prepare for upcoming missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recently used our Pittsburgh Corning DecoBloc craft blocks to create a type of piggy bank for her 8-year-old. The simply designed “mission bank” was decorated with vinyl lettering and makes use of the block’s open top and hollow interior.

This is just one example of how creative-minded people have used glass blocks for visually stunning projects.

As a creative person, it makes sense that you’d want to decorate your home or building with glass blocks that are eye-pleasing and practical. With our help, you have endless glass blocks design options. You can achieve a simplistic look with amazing windows and walls, or you can use our glass blocks for crafting projects, such as murals.

Our selection of art decorative blocks includes several options with even more opportunities of unique combinations. We have 120 single block designs, as well as 55 multiple-block designs used for murals and custom configurations. The blocks come in 24 colors. We supply these unique materials to homeowners, builders, architects – virtually anybody interested in expressing themselves through unique building décor.

Call us today to learn about our selection of art decorative glass blocks and to get your project underway.