Emerging trends in Home and Office Remodeling

There are numerous wonderful reasons why you should commence remodeling your property; increase resell value, visual appeal or even just an economical spruce up. One trend is quickly growing to be a “must have” for home remodeling.


While glass blocks have invariably been well-liked for safety reasons, many have discovered the versatility in design and style choices offered whenever deciding on a glass block project. With the variety of glass block styles offered and the launch of art glass block or glass block murals; there are virtually endless possibilities when coming up with a glass block project. Integrate colored glass blocks and then the power to build a curved wall or bar, there simply just doesn’t appear to be an end to the imaginative and inventive structures that can be built.


A glass block bar is able to bring a fascinating environment to a basement, garage or maybe a public tavern or man cave. With the right color scheme and lighting effects, this particular bar can evoke a feeling of style and sophistication to patrons while taking pleasure in their favorite drinks. A glass block bar could be the conventional L shape, or for people that have the room, it could possibly span a whole wall and wrap around one more wall. It may be a semi-circle, or perhaps a full circle. With various patterns to accentuate the look or colored glass block to give the glass block bar a style of its very own; wrap some neon lights or fiber optic lights throughout the inside, and this bar is instantly the popular hangout for loved ones, good friends or towns people.


Substantially more popular; the glass block shower enclosure. The majority of people like a stylish feel inside the bath room, the truth is, the majority of prefer it. “A glass block shower enclosure isn’t only for the wealthy anymore”, claimed Ray Tuminello, President of Quality Glass Block and Window Co. “While in past times, most glass block shower enclosures we have installed have been in properties of the wealthy; a lot more from all parts of society are beginning to improve the style and value of their home by using glass block structures like the glass block shower enclosure using the standard fit option”.


“Glass block walls really are taking off because home owners know their benefit; being able to split an area and keep light transmission devoid of the expenditure associated with adding electrical wiring is among the factors behind the trend in glass block walls”, explained Tuminello. Needless to say with all the several choices available, privacy glass block is obviously a possibility to block light transmission along with blocking vision from one area to another.


Quality Glass Block and Window Co. recently released glass block kits that can produce all of the above mentioned glass block structures. All kits are available for purchase on the web or even by calling their Morris location. “We work with homeowners, contractors, and even architects in order to satisfy the needs and wishes of property owners”, states Tuminello, “if you believe something is not possible, we accept the challenge to show you the possibilities. We will provide most everything required to produce any design a reality”.


With just about all which is readily available to create a glass block structure in a home or office building, it's no surprise many are taking this distinctive method to maintain and beautify their residence. It only makes sense in this economy; that although housing rates tend to be falling, maintaining and remodeling owned property is a very good move.