Expert Advice Offered for Bathroom Remodeling “Do it Yourselfers”

Industry experts in glass block and installations, Quality Glass Block and Window Co. provides a bathroom remodeling tip for all you “Do it Yourselfers” that plan to bring a simple, yet gorgeous look to any bathroom inside your home.


A glass block shower enclosure tends to make an incredibly beautiful structure in the bath and offers a sense of elegance and class. Normally one could expect to pay heavily for a structure and feel like this, and those people would be right, normally. When you compare the price tag on new fixtures, sink and vanity top as a basic bathroom remodel; to the price of a glass block shower enclosure, the decision is really a no brainer. The glass block shower enclosure is much more economical, more satisfying on the eye and saves time and money.


“A glass block shower enclosure eliminates the need to buy shower curtains after which, maintain them once they have molded,” claims Ray Tuminello, President of Quality Glass Block and Window Co. “glass blocks are incredibly easy to clean and will not scratch, this is exactly what our customers love about them”, stated Tuminello. Just the added beauty is reason enough to select this excellent bathroom remodel idea, but there really are several great reasons to make a glass block shower enclosure part of any bathroom.


Design and style options seem to be endless. There does not seem to be much one couldn’t do with glass block. “We could make virtually any design idea and produce glass block kits that would be within two inches of the proposed design” said Tuminello, “we may also develop a radius using glass block for those with bathrooms that might require, and even want a radius put into the glass block design”. Having numerous patterns readily available for privacy, light transmission or even decorative; the styling possibilities are what makes the whole layout method fun and exciting. Using colored glass block throughout or even sporadically could make a mind blowing glass block shower enclosure and also by utilizing different patterns, you can really have a bathroom that sticks out from all others.


“The one question many people ask is how the glass block shower enclosure holds back water. They would like to determine if it will leak and damage the floor” says Tuminello; “this may occur with a sub-par installation, this is why we are always available to guide the do it yourselfers and provide expert assistance to be able to keep this from occurring”.

A glass block shower enclosure sounds like a complicated task to attempt, but truth be told, Quality Glass Block and Window Co. definitely makes the process amazingly easy. By having all products needed, the design expertise to make a layout possible and the experience to assist any do it yourselfer install with detailed instructions and/or personal assistance via phone, Quality Glass Block really makes the whole process quick and easy to understand.