Focus More On Quality Glass Blocks

Glass Block BarOtherwise referred to as ‘glass brick’ or ‘cellular glass’, glass blocks have surprisingly been around for over a century or so. Hailed for both its durability and versatility, glass blocks come with other advantages that are hard to miss, some of which are enumerated below.

It is very versatile. Nowadays, its not surprising to see glass blocks being used in lieu of conventional windows because it is a lot easier to clean apart from being water-repellent. It is also utilised to effectively obscure unsightly views apart from being used as partitions. In addition, it is also deemed perfect for use in bathrooms as it can effectively distort images to ensure privacy without compromising transmission of light.Available in different sizes, colors and styles like hollow, solid, rectangular and square,glass blocks can also greatly complement eclectic, contemporary and even conventional decorating schemes. Furthermore, it also fits well in both small and large spaces.

It helps conserve energy.Compared to conventional single-glaze types, glass blocks are deemed to be twice as durable when it comes to thermal resistance. This quality not only allows an exceptional amount of daylight to pass through, it also helps eradicate energy-wasting drafts. In addition, many of today’s glass blocks have been designed to withstand the abuse of the elements.

It has the ability to manipulate both light transmission and visibility. In most instances, glass blocks have been  designed to transmit at least 80 percent of light in both directions. With many design options to choose from, you can pick ones that are created to blur or distort images, or you can opt for finishes that are designed to regulate the amount of transmitted light. In essence, one of the glass block’s most irresistible trait is its ability to manipulate and transform both light and colour.

It is deemed more secure as opposed to its counterparts. Able toeffectively resist impact, sound and fire, glass blocks are also considered more sturdy as opposed to conventional glass. Moreover, it is also used by many homeowners as an effective deterrent to potential trespassers. In line with this, it is also widely utilised as basement windows to further enhance home security.

It is considered not just durable but also cost-effective. For many users, the quality and durability of glass blocks remain unrivalled. Apart from being scratch-resistant, it also requires very minimum in terms of upkeep. And since glass blocks are also a lot easier to replace once broken, it spares you from having to shell out a lot of money for costly replacements.

The increasing popularity of glass block is not unwarranted taking into account all the benefits it has to offer. That  being said, it will not be surprising if glass blocks will become a common fixture in most households in the days to come.