Glass Block – Not Only for Your Grandmother’s Bathroom Window

There was a time when glass block windows were strictly utilitarian.  They were provided an extra level of security for basements, and were sturdy enough for factories and warehouses, and offered the privacy and light valued in bathrooms. They were functional, but not always beautiful.

Times have Changed

Glass blocks are not just for windows (although, the newer designs make a beautiful and functional statement). Today, they have become more versatile. They come in may styles and colors. They are comfortable being used as a shower stall in a bathroom, a counter in a store, or even a wall in an upscale home. With the many styles and colors available, the uses of glass blocks are limited only by your imagination.

One of the more innovative uses for glass blocks are loose glass blocks that have inspired a creative spark in crafters and artists alike. Quality Glass Block and Window offers three lines of glass block that are sure to excite any artist:

The DecoBloc decorative crafting blocks are designed for artistic crafting composition. They come in two sizes (8”x8”x3” and 6”x6”x3”) and two patterns (traditional wavy and ice pattern with light-diffusing features.)  The pre-drilled blocks come with a light cord plug cap so the blocks can be illuminated without further drilling or cutting.

Crafters and artists alike will value these pieces for their versatility and intrinsic beauty, making them the perfect starting point for amazing art projects.  While many people use these blocks to make lighted Christmas gifts or accessories, Christmas is not the only time of year to use them.  Adding sand and shells can remind us of summers on the beach.  A few rocks and water can make a few fresh flowers look amazing.  Glass blocks can also make the perfect utensil holder in a modern kitchen.

Expression Art Glass. Gives you the opportunity to design the perfect mural. You can choose from a pre-designed pattern or design your own. Artists will enjoy seeing their masterpieces put together in a mural of almost any size.  “Glass Fusion Technology” is used to apply your design to the glass surface leaving a clean and smooth surface. Each glass block has the artwork you choose hand applied, giving you a mural that can be displayed with pride,

Expression Single Glass Block Line. If a single glass block is more to your taste, the blocks and be printed with the design of your choice, whether you create the artwork yourself or choose a pre-designed piece, the glass fusion technology assures a fused image that will last a lifetime, making the block the perfect addition to an end table, counter, or anywhere you wish. The blocks can be lighted, and/or filled with other decorative items.

Why not start a project today?  Call (800) 990-9499 to hear more about the many ways glass blocks can be used to spark your creativity.

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