Glass Blocks for Creative Designs

Residential and commercial building owners enjoy expressing themselves through creative designs. Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers a way to be artistic with our glass fusion block. These blocks have standard designs that are fused to the face of the glass block by skilled artists. We can create a design on a singular block for accents, or even create an entire mural based on your own design. Corporate logos, or a beautiful scenic backdrop across a glass block wall, can also be done to personalize your office. The only limit to the design possibilities is your imagination.

Glass Fusion Block is made by melting tiny beads of glass to the face of the block in an artistic manner so that you may create any design you wish, just as an artist would create a masterpiece. We offer 24 different colors, 120 single-block designs and 55 multiple-block designs. Our customers typically use them for unique configurations and murals on their glass block windows, glass block shower enclosures and glass block walls.

These blocks are not only amazing to look at, but they are highly practical. They provide solid insulation, and are made with only Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block. Installation is just as easy as traditional glass block and special cleaners are not required.

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