Glass Bricks Add a Unique, Custom Look to Any Design

Vetropieno glass bricks by Quality Glass Block


Trust us when we say this is not what comes to mind when you think of glass block.

Traditional glass block is typically square, it may have a textured surface, and it can come in just about any color in the rainbow.  The centers are hollow, they are a lighter weight and are usually designed to be set horizontally.

The VetroPieno glass block is a stunning opposite of traditional block.  VetroPieno glass blocks are solid glass bricks that can be set either horizontally or vertically and are laid much like traditional brick.

VetroPieno vs. Traditional Glass Block

The main difference between the VetroPieno glass block and traditional glass block is that traditional blocks are hollow on the inside and lighter in weight. Unlike the classic glass block, VetroPieno is smaller in both width and height and can be used to obtain thinner glass structures that optimize space and add depth to interiors.

The solid glass also provides higher impact resistance, as well as compressive strength, and boasts a 90-minute fire rating.

This is a 100% compact glass block that focuses more on artistic and expressive materials to create a unique construction element

Using Glass Bricks

Glass bricks offer a great decorative look for residential or commercial applications. The standard size and versatile shape allows it to be installed either horizontally or vertically. 

Though not recommended to be used for load-bearing functions, VetroPieno creations are designed to be a self-supporting structure capable of safely sustaining their own weight (or light weight objects such as a plant, if you want to construct a plant stand.)  VetroPieno structures are also capable of safely sustaining the horizontal load generated by the wind or any other perpendicular impact.

Installation of VetroPieno

VetroPieno installation suggests either organic mineral adhesive, multicomponent epoxy adhesive, or structural silicone.  The adhesive should have mechanical strength, but be easy to work with to completely fill the narrow spaces between the bricks. 

The adhesive should also be water-proof and have little shrinkage during setting.  Excessive shrinkage can create stresses that are harmful to the glass blocks and can cause cracks.  Using a stainless-steel bar as a reinforcement is also recommended.

Add a Unique Design Element

VetroPieno can be used in place of traditional bricks to create dramatic interior walls, as a partition that maximize the passage of light from room to room, or as a subtle design accent that add a touch of style, character, and color.

The VetroPieno series comes in 4 colors blue, clear, black, and sienna.  They come in 2 sizes, the full brick and the half brick.

So, let your imagination run wild as you design the perfect wall for your next project.

Quality Glass Block is one of a few select companies that sells the VetroPieno Series Glass Block.  For more information or to purchase block, please visit our website.

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