Home Office Ideas Utilizing Glass Block - Get Creative!

If you’re one of the many Americans who is working from home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. According to the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, 42% of employed Americans are working from home. And their research says that working from home will be a big part of our post-COVID economy. 


The study further shows that many employers who have employees working from home intend to continue to allow and actively encourage staff members to continue working from home, at least a few days a week, even after the pandemic. A smaller number of firms have announced their intent to let employees work from home full time.


Working from home does have its perks — no commute, you spend less on dry cleaning, and you probably spend less on Starbucks and take-out lunches. But, if you’re still working in your bedroom or at the kitchen table, you may want to take some of that money you’re saving and put it towards creating a dedicated home office. 


Create an Instant Home Office Space in a Larger Room

Working from home can be tough if you face a bunch of distractions. To be most productive, you need a dedicated space. One of our favorite home office ideas involves creating a new “room” within a larger room. You can do this by installing a floor to ceiling glass block wall, or room partition. 


And if you don’t want the full floor to ceiling look, you can go with a half wall. High enough to give you privacy. It’s well-known that the top distraction when working from home is a spouse or child who thinks because you’re home, they can have your full attention.


You also want a wall that blocks your view of a TV, if there is one in the room. In a recent survey by Glassdoor, 32% of respondents said a TV would be a top distraction if they were working from home.  


Dividing a larger space is pretty easy when you use glass block. And since you’re using glass rather than a solid wall or partition, you will get great light transmission. With Quality Glass Block, you have several options for creating a home office design you’ll love:

Custom Glass Block Wall with Loose Glass Block

If you want to create a custom look with no limit to the size, style, or color of glass blocks you use, you want to go the custom route. You can use several different colors to set the tone — bright and artistic, or sleek and modern. You can choose clear glass block with any number of patterns as well. Or create a wall with glass brick. Your options are endless.

Glass Block Wall Kits

Our glass block wall kits make installation easy. Choose from a straight wall or a curved wall for a more modern look. The kits contain everything you need, except for grout, which is sold separately. Choose a kit with the mortarless installation system for the easiest option. 


Choose from kits utilizing the following glass block series:


  • Premiere 3 ⅞” series in Nubio or Cortina pattern
  • European 19 series in Clear, Color, and Brilly
  • Pegasus 19 series
  • Mendini series
  • Premiere 3 ⅞” series Allbend
  • European 19 series in Arctic or Wave pattern


Create a One of a Kind Home Office Desk

Another cool home office idea is to create a custom desk. This is especially useful if you might be seeing the occasional client at your home office once the pandemic is over. The easiest way to do this is to use one of our glass block bar kits and choose the desktop material of your choice. Your custom desk will surely impress!

Order Your Glass Block Today

At Quality Glass Block and Window, we know glass block products inside and out, and we know the best methods for any installation. We can help you plan your project so that you can turn your home office ideas into reality. We would be happy to help you select the right glass block and installation accessories for your home office project. 


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