How to Choose the Right Glass Block Windows for Your Project

Choosing the right materials for your new construction or renovation project is key to the success of your installation. It’s also important to your overall satisfaction with the look of the completed project. We’re happy you’re considering glass block windows. We’re biased, but we think they’re one of today’s most versatile and beautiful window options for both residential and commercial applications. There are a lot of different options to choose from. With that in mind, today we look at how to choose the right pre-assembled glass block windows for your project.


It all starts with asking yourself (or your client) a number of questions. Your answers will help determine the right glass block windows for your project.

1. What Room Are the Glass Block Windows For?

Where will these glass block windows be located? Common locations include the bathroom, kitchen, living room, entryway, and above ground basement windows. If the windows will be located in the laundry area, you may want a glass block window vent. In other rooms, solid glass block windows will be a better option.

2. What Functions Do They Need to Fulfill?

By this we mean other than the basic window function of letting in light. Do you need added privacy? Do you want energy savings? Are you looking to make an artistic statement? All of our glass block windows have a variety of patterns and thickness that provide privacy. In addition, they all have an energy saving, low maintenance design, which can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

3. Do You Need Protection from Severe Weather?

If you live on the coast, or in tornado alley, you may be looking for windows that can withstand severe weather. We carry both hurricane resistant glass block windows and tornado resistant windows. Both designs have undergone extensive testing and won government and industry approval. 

4. What Pattern?

Many of our clear glass block windows come in a choice of 21 different patterns. Wow! You may want to look through the various images to see which of the many patterns is most appealing to you. Look at the individual blocks, but also look at a larger glass block window application, so you can get a feel for what the finished product will look like in your home or business. There is no right or wrong choice here. It just depends on what looks and feels right to you.

4. Clear or Color?


This is one of the biggest changes from the glass block windows of the 80s. Today, you can choose from a variety of soothing and vibrant colors for your glass block windows. This is especially useful when you want to make a statement, or add a pop of unexpected color to a room. Our vibrant blue is a popular choice. 


Once you’ve answered these questions, take a look through our glass block window options. Read the descriptions, check out the standard sizes available, etc. We offer both standard and custom sizes. You can also check out the Planning Your Project section, or Customer Gallery page for inspiration. Whether you’re a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, you may also want to read through the product details and technical specifications to ensure that you choose the right glass block windows for your project. 


If you still don’t see exactly what you want, we do offer custom made glass block windows as an option. Call us to set up a consultation to explore the possibilities.

5. Choose From Our Selection of Glass Block Windows

At Quality Glass Block and Window, we offer a wide selection of pre-assembled glass block windows to choose from. They are also easy to install and maintain. We only sell Seves glass products to ensure you get the highest quality.  If you need help figuring out how to choose the right glass block windows for your project, we would be happy to help. Just give us a call at (815) 416-1007 with any questions you may have. We are here to help you throughout your project. If you have any questions during the installation process, we can assist you. 


Please keep in mind that for all of our pre-assembled glass block windows, there will be a certain amount of production time, depending on the product you order. If you don’t see information on the expected production time, please contact us to clarify before placing an order. We want to ensure you know when you will be getting your glass block windows.