The Humble Glass Block has Grown Up


Color Glass Block

In 1976, when Mary and Ray Tuminello Sr. founded the R & J Quality Glass Block Company, glass blocks were popular in bathroom and warehouse windows. They allowed light into a space while providing high levels of privacy and security.  They were also an energy efficient alternative to standard windows.  When Ray Junior realized that glass block windows would be even more versatile with the venting options that were difficult to find at the time, he started a niche business supplying these vents to his parents and other glass block companies. 

Glass Block ShowerA new company emerges

In 2007, after the parent company closed, Ray’s wife, Jennifer, founded Quality Blass Block & Window Company as a new entity.  She continued to offer the vents from Ray’s company and added a line of traditional vinyl windows.

While much has changed in the last few decades – both in the industry and in the world – the Company remains true to its roots and continues its commitment to quality and service. 

Glass Blocks provide function and beauty

Today, Quality Glass Block and Window offers a wide variety of glass blocks in many designs and configurations. These blocks are still popular in bathrooms and warehouses, but are now often used as design features in modern homes.  The curved glass block wall kits make beautiful shower enclosures. 

Glass block windows offer unequaled security, strength and privacy. These windows allow light transmission without the need for window coverings, perfect for today’s modern, minimalist look.  Quality Glass Block and Window also offers hurricane resistant windows that are manufactured to meet the highest standard of Dade County and the Texas Department of Insurance, making them a great alternative for areas that routinely cope with hurricane force winds. These windows also meet the large missile impact test referenced in the International Building Code.

Not just for windows anymore

Because of the popularity of craft projects using glass blocks, a line of loose glass blocks was added. Blocks are available in many shapes, styles and colors.  Their design possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the artist working in this medium.

Quality Glass Block & Windows also carries a full line of traditional vinyl windows, including double hung, single hung and sliders for a variety of applications. They have geometric windows that add a “touch of class” and interest to any home. The egress windows for below-grade applications and removable sash windows round out their line.

While installation is available and is done by trained professionals, because many of the products are prefabricated for easy installation, they are perfect for contractors and DIY folks alike. The website offers installation guides for many of its products, as well as a full line of accessories for both mortar and mortarless applications, making installation an even more attractive option for those with a modicum of construction knowledge.

For more information on the many styles and features of the products offered by Quality Glass Block & Window, please see their website or call (800) 990-9499.