Illuminate Your Bathroom

A drab old shower curtain can have a negative impact on a bathroom. It blocks light, collects mildew and is in constant need of replacement. The time might be right to rip down the curtain rod and install a new glass block shower system that impresses you every time you set foot in the bathroom.

For our highly regarded shower systems, we take the durable crafted glass blocks typically used for windows and walls and build a unique structure that allows light into your shower while preserving your privacy. With varying degrees of transparency made possible by refracted light transmission, you can choose the level of visibility you prefer.

Glass block panels are supported by a sturdy acrylic base, and you can choose from a mortar installation or one that incorporates a spacer system put together with Silicone and Grout. Glass block showers are easy to keep clean, and they maintain a timeless beauty.

At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we’re very confident in the shower products we provide. Our custom designed glass block showers are protected under a Pittsburgh Corning warranty, which covers glass blocks for five years, shower doors for five years and shower bases for three years. Our staff works with builders, architects, contractors and homeowners to ensure that customers get the look they want. Contact us today to find out more about our glass block shower systems.