Keeping Your Building Safe from Flood Water

Glass Block Windows: Keeping Your Building Safe from Flood Water

Fema uses glass block for flood controlWhether you have an existing building or are contemplating a new one, you should be thinking about using flood-resistant building materials.   The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) actually redraws flood maps on a regular basis.  Based on new information compiled by FEMA, many home and business owners will find their buildings in newly-defined flood zones. 

But before you redraw your plans to exclude windows in the lower level of your building or brick up your existing basement windows, it might be time to think about replacing them with certian types of glass block windows. 

FEMA’s Technical Bulletin 2: Flood Damage-Resistant Building Materials, which outlines materials approved for buildings located in Special Flood Hazard areas, classifies glass block windows as a Category 5 material, which means that glass block windows are “highly resistant to floodwater damage caused by moving water. These materials can survive wetting and drying, and may be successfully cleaned after a flood to render them free of most harmful pollutants.” 

In order to assess your level of danger from flooding, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety publishes a comprehensive guide to understanding flood maps and flooding factors.  Included is a tool that allows you to enter your zip code to discover the flooding risks in your neighborhood. However, remember that flood maps may be quickly outdated due to construction and build-up in an area and that heavy rains combined with storm water runoff may create local flooding.  Insufficient drainage systems or those that become clogged or damaged can also cause floods in areas that have never seen water damage before.

Quality Glass Block & Windows offers a full line of all types of glass block windows.  Keep in mind that when using Glass Block to help with flood control, they can not have glass block vents in them.  They will need to be a solid window.  Not every glass block window will do the job for flood control either.  Hurricane or Energy Efficient glass block windows will add to your level of protection.  Contact your representative at Quality Glass Block today to find out how Glass Block can help you.  The bonus is that besides offering superior flood damage protection, glass block windows are a perfect way to allow light into your space while preserving your privacy.  These windows enhance the look of the building without compromising safety or security.

Contact Quality Glass Block & Window at (815) 416-1007 to hear more about our products and services – before the next rainstorm or other flooding event.