Look to the Sky to Save Money

Opening the ceiling to let in natural light isn’t doesn’t just create a comfortable and beautiful space in your home, it could save you money on your monthly utility bills.

Adding natural light to your home cuts down on using lamps and lights and can lower your electricity bill.  Installing roof windows can help keep your home cool and save on energy bills.

Whether you are looking to add natural light, create a feeling of spaciousness, bring some style to your home, let in some fresh air, or save on your utility expenses there is an option for your every desire.

A Step in the Right Direction

Installing skylights on the northern side of homes in warmer clients helps maximize natural light. 

Installing skylights on the southern side of homes in cooler climates helps to reduce heating costs in the winter and lighting costs during the summer.

The Sky is the Limit

There are several options to choose from when considering your skylight options, including:

  • Roof Windows
  • Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights
  • Electric “Fresh Air” Skylights
  • Manual “Fresh Air” Skylights
  • Fixed Skylights
  • Sun Tunnels

In addition to the type of window or skylight you decide to add to your home, there are options that include manual opening of the windows, electric opening options and even solar powered options.  Additionally, there are products that allow you to open and close blinds or covers when you want to block out the sun (particularly nice in those hot summer months, keep the sun from heating up your home.)

Bonus Savings

Adding skylights, roof windows, or sun tunnels to your home doesn’t just save you money each month, you could be eligible for a 30% solar tax credit. 

Let the Sun Shine In

When considering your next home renovation or planning a new home add fresh air and natural daylight to any space, and make your home more beautiful, healthier and more energy-efficient.

Learn more about your options for the home by contacting a Quality Glass Block and Window Company expert today. We provide expert advice, and our staff can help you select the right product or give you installation advice.

Commercial construction options also available.