Quality Glass Block and Window Co helps Keep Property owners Protected During Hurricane Season

With the rising number of hurricanes hitting landfall as of late, smart property owners within hurricane zones are realizing the need to take extra precautions to protect their valuables from the devastating debris caused by hurricane force winds.  The really smart property owners are finding a unique and cost effective approach.


Once the storm clears it is a great feeling to see that what was valued most is still intact, still standing and minimal clean-up is required. Quality Glass Block and Window Co. has been helping property owners that live in these potential disaster zones keep their property safe and secure from the devastation that occurs during hurricane season. Hurricane resistant glass block windows have several advantages besides how durable they are. With Dade County approvals, the benchmark standard for the construction industry, these hurricane resistant glass block windows can handle the high force winds that obliterate towns and cause millions in damages.


In comparison to other hurricane resistant windows, these glass block windows can be prefabricated to the project specifications and can contribute to LEED points when day lighting strategies are applied. The glass blocks are available in three patterns, each offering a different level of privacy and light transmission. These great windows are manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning. Quality Glass Block and Window Co. is an authorized distributor of Pittsburgh Corning and will work together with the architects and contractor to ensure that these well engineered hurricane resistant residential glass block windows fit the scope of the project.