Quality Glass Block and Window Co. Introduce a Unique Product Sure to Revolutionize The Remodeling Industry


Quality Glass Block and Window Co. would like to present a glass block that provides great features like; greater control over the finished look of a job, ease of use and even a better looking final result. The Encurve, a U.S made glass block, gives any glass block design a gorgeous finished look.


To the contractors that sell and even install products and services regarding the glass block business, they know all too well how complicated trying to sell a glass block shower enclosure may be if the buyers needs and wants cant be satisfied fully.


The Encurve glass block is quite basically, a curved glass block with a sleek and clean finished edge that looks amazing in any glass block structure. The Encurve was created for glass block structures that do not reach the ceiling and are generally open on one or more sides. When being utilized with its cousin; the Endblock, the complete design assumes a totally new look and feel. Neat, clean and unquestionably beautiful; the owner will be in awe of their new glass block shower enclosure, glass block bar or glass block wall.


The Encurve and Endblock are easily obtainable in two of the most familiar designs for glass block; Icescapes and Decora. But, while at Quality Glass Block and Windows website, swing by their glass block murals page. By showing this page to likely clients, they will surely dream up something fantastic that they will likely be unable to do without after they have imagined it. The end product will most undoubtedly be a sale for the contractor and an incredible show piece to display to future clients.