Sweater Weather Means It’s Time for Holiday Crafts


Sweater Weather Means It’s Time for Holiday Crafts

As the days get shorter and evenings get cooler, our thoughts turn to decorating for fall and winter, and of course planning holiday gifts for friends and family. One of the most versatile and exciting ways to add sparkle to your home and impress your friends is to use glass blocks. 

These glass blocks have little to do with grandma’s bathroom window and can be used to add a touch of drama and excitement to any room.  The uses for these blocks are limited only by your imagination. The blocks come in different sizes and patterns that make beautiful light-diffusing patterns. They molded openings that allow you to fill them with anything you like.  Adding an electric cord enables the use of lights that not only decorate, but also illuminate a room with no extra cutting or drilling required. 

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


Add candy corn to a glass block, then paint a jack-o-lantern face. Once the holiday is over, allow the kids to eat the holiday treat.  For a spooky night look, put some fair lights in the block and use decals to create a spooky Halloween Scene.  Or maybe add some black candy to the jar and paint a while ghost on the outside of the glass.


Adding a string of battery-operated orange fairly lights to the block with a turkey decal can be the start of a unique centerpiece.  No candles required!



Adding a Christmas tree decal to a lighted glass block can add a welcoming touch to any foyer.  You can also add vintage hard candy to the block for a window into Christmases past.  Using a string of white Christmas lights and adding transparent glass paints can make a “stained glass” window that will light up any dark corner.

Christmas Gifts


Adding a child’s name or a teacher’s initials to a glass block with colored lights inside will delight boys and girls of any age.  Or create an inspirational block with a creative decal and lights.

Your Turn

What are your ideas for a Glass Block Project?

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