Using Colored Glass Blocks Effectively and Efficiently


Adding color to a glass block wall, shower enclosure or even a window can have a huge impact on the finished project. The lighter colors help to provide a tint or a glow to the ambiance of a room while the darker colors offer a little more privacy.

For an enjoyable color glass block experience, we recommend the following guidelines when preparing and ordering your color glass blocks.

  1. All colored glass blocks are not created equal. Using the imported color glass blocks that are not high quality can lead to an entire project being scrapped. The colors may be different tints due to the different types of sand being used to make the glass and the amount of iron the sand contains.  Also, the inferior molds leads to crooked block. Always buy the American Made color glass blocks, no matter what the application
  2. Don’t be afraid to order a few extras. Occasionally, accidents happen and shipments become damaged. Or perhaps a mistake on the job site leads to a couple broken color glass blocks. This usually isn’t a problem, but can be for the colored glass block as the tint can change ever so slightly from batch to batch. This is why every color glass block order we get is made from the same batch of paint.
  3. Most of the American made glass blocks can be made into colored glass blocks. Whether it is the three inch, the four inch or even the finished ends. So feel free to let the creative juice flow and create the best glass block structure you can imagine.

Quality Glass Block and Window Company is a leading provider of glass blocks used for windows, shower enclosures and vents. In addition to wholesale glass blocks, Quality Glass Block and Window Company provide installation services or guidance for do-it-yourself builders and homeowners.