Using Glass Block to help keep Burglars out.

One organization is reaching out to property owners within these difficult economic times to talk about the advantages of a product that will help give back the peace of mind that has been lost because of burglaries, or maybe aid the prevention of homeowners from losing the peace of mind in the first place. Quality Glass Block and Window Co. are already offering loose glass block to homeowners in high crime locations since 1976.  Due to the design of glass blocks, penetration is almost impossible without creating a lot of extra racket and also possibly wounding the would-be-thief. Glass blocks are designed with negative pressure, so after breaking, the glass block could implode and cause damage to those within the area.  As soon as the loose glass blocks have been shattered, the neighbors may very well be on alert as a result of loud noise they just heard; the thief will still have to bust many more of these loose glass blocks then break through the concrete mortar that holds the glass block window together. By the time penetration has been made, quite possibly law enforcement will be there to detain the would-be-thief.


“Keeping my loved ones safe is always my main priority.  I am sure it is with other parents as well,” stated Ray Tuminello, president of Quality Glass Block and Window Co. “Just because you are at your home doesn’t mean intruders will not try and enter, by adding glass block basement windows to your home, you'll be making the burglars to search out another point of entry or move on”, professed Tuminello.