Vistabrik Glass Blocks offer Maximum Security

Not all glass block for sale is created equal. When looking for security and strength, turn to Pittsburgh Corning’s Vistabrik.

Vistabrik Glass Blocks offer Maximum Security

Commercial business owners, property managers, government institutions, and even homeowners rely on Vistabrik from the Pittsburgh Corning to protect their properties from vandalism, fire, theft, and crime related damages. While glass blocks may not be as inexpensive as single-pane, aluminum windows, their installation will provide savings in the form of reduced maintenance, elimination of replacement costs, and protection against theft of inventory and personal items. However, when shopping for glass block for sale, it is imperative that you choose the right blocks. If your needs are more about security, and less about decoration, you will need to purchase Vistabrik glass blocks.

Most decorative glass blocks are hollow. While they are still incredibly strong, they can be broken.  A Vistabrik glass block is three inches of solid glass. As a result, it provides incredible insulation and light transmission, as well as security and noise reduction.

Additional benefits of installing Vistabrik glass block include:

Ballistic Resistance – Vistabrik has been tested to withstand the high velocity impact from bullets.

Vandalism Resistance  – Solid Vistabrik glass blocks provide a nonstick surface that prevents vandals from spray painting or marking on windows. Also, their structural stability prevents breakage.

Flame Resistance – The use of Vistabrik provides extra protection against fires and received a 90-minute UL fire rating.

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