Corner 90 Degree Wall Cortina Pattern

Width First Wall: 
32" Width 1 (Actual 31-1/2")
Width Second Wall: 
24" Width 2 (Actual 23-5/8")
72" Height (Actual 70-7/8")
Corner 90 Glass Block Wall Kit Cortina Pattern
Cortina Pattern Ice Glass Block
  • 90 Degree Corner Glass Block Kits with Cortina Pattern

    Our Sharp 90 Degree Corner Wall Kit in our Cortina pattern, allows maximum light while giving maximum privacy. This beautiful ice pattern with a sharp turn will definitely give your home a distinguished look. It not only allows you to have a bit of creativity with a sharp attitude, it also gives texture to any space. 

    Need more assistance with creating your Sharp 90 Degree Corner Wall? Call our Quality Glass Block team today!