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Decora Custom Made Glass Block Windows


Pittsburgh Corning Decora Custom Glass Block Windows

Glass Block windows offer enhanced security for your home and family. These windows resist water penetration and are assembled using a silicone made specifically for the glass block industry. Fresh air venting options are available in a wide range of sizes based on the size of the window needed. The classic Decora pattern allows for maximum light transmission to naturally light any room. The wave pattern of the Decora glass block slightly distorts the view adding privacy and eliminating the need for window treatments. This Decora glass block window will add beauty and class to your home and give piece of mind to any homeowner and family member where protection from the outside elements are required.

Actual Thickness (in.): 3.125 in
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year
R-Value: 1.75
Visible Light Transmission: 75%
Shading Coefficient: .65
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: .66-68