Franchesca Glass Block

Franchesca 8x8x3 Wave Gloss Lisbon Glass Block
  • Franchesca Style Line


    Same pattern as the Elizabeth, however a different color.  For you blue lovers out there, Franchesca is the one for you.  The elegants of the light blue and navy allow for the sharp angles and cuts of the design to appear prominent and atuned for those needing the blues in their life.  When I say blues, I mean actual New Orleans style of blues.  This may not be located in the French Quarter as far as we are concerned, but this will definitely put you on the map with all your friends and family.  With the beautiful wave patern as the base of the glass block and the Elizabeth Collection sublimated onto the face of the block, nothing can stop you from having the privacy you deserve when implimenting this collection in a window, wall, shower space or even a divider in your home.


    Would you like to get a hint of NOLA in your home?  Contact us today at Quality Glass Block where we can talk to you about adding a piece of the French Quarter to you space of ellegance.



     Please take note, that all colors may appear differently on each monitor.  If you are interested in a specific color please give us a call and we can better describe it for you.

    When cleaning this product, a damp cloth will be the best.  Do not use acid wash or any Paint Thinners on this product.  Do not acid etch the product. 


    PDF icon Fusion Technology Installation Guide_V2.1.15.2021.pdf