Hedron IceScapes Corner Glass Block Premiere Series | Quality Glass Block and Window

Icescapes Hedron Glass Block


8 x 6 x 4"
Pittsburgh Corning (110463) Icescapes Hedron

The crackled ice effect of the icescapes pattern from Pittsburgh corning offers the highest privacy option available without sacrificing light transmission. This corner block is used to make 90-degree turns with any wall, bar or shower enclosure. At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we offer multiple options for glass block designs, styles, shapes and sizes. We offer glass block products that vary by light transmission and levels of transparency so that you can choose the perfect level of privacy. Our experts can help you select the product that is right for you.

Pittsburgh Corning (110463) Icescapes Hedron
Actual Width (in.): 5.75 in
Actual Height (in.): 7.75 in
Actual Thickness (in.): 3.875 in
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year
Visible Light Transmission: 75%