Top Kitchen Remodel Ideas Using Glass Block and Glass Brick

In general, summer is the best time to undertake a kitchen remodel. Whether you have a small kitchen or an open concept kitchen design, the ability to grill and dine outdoors makes surviving a kitchen makeover more comfortable. With a summer kitchen demo plan, your kitchen project won’t be as much of an inconvenience as it would be in the deep of winter. At least, this is true for those of us who live in the Midwest and northern states. If you live in Florida, you can schedule your kitchen remodeling project for just about any time of year! 


If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling ideas to enhance your kitchen and increase natural light, we’ve got some great ideas for you! Glass block and glass brick are versatile building materials that you can use to add flair to your kitchen. Whether you’re tackling your kitchen makeover yourself, or you’re hiring a contractor, we can help.


Some popular kitchen remodel ideas using glass block and brick include:



Let’s take a look at each of these projects and your options. And while we’re reviewing the projects, go ahead and Google them with the words “glass block” or “glass brick.” You’re sure to see a lot of beautiful images to inspire you. This is especially helpful if you’re doubtful of the beauty and impact these glass products can make.

Kitchen Island

Whether you call it a kitchen island, breakfast bar, or just a bar, glass block and brick are well suited to support countertops of any kind. We offer glass block bar kits you can use to make installation super easy, or you can create a custom kitchen island utilizing colored blocks or solid glass bricks.


You may want to have the glass base be in a color that complements your choice of countertop. Another idea is to install lighting behind the glass to create a warm glow at night. Add the perfect bar stools or bar height chairs, and you’re ready to go!

Kitchen Backsplash

Adding a kitchen backsplash is a favorite kitchen update, and one that is easy to do. Glass block or brick adds a luminous quality, reflecting both artificial and natural light. And of course, it’s super easy to clean! No worries about grease or sauce splashing onto a painted surface. 


Under cabinet lighting can create a luminous effect you’ll love!

Open Shelving

You can also use glass products to create an open shelving unit to store cookbooks, glassware, knick knacks, etc. The block and bricks would be the end sides of the shelving unit, while you use another material for the actual shelves. 


This is an ideal look for a sleek and modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Room Divider

Glass products make a perfect room divider. You get a bit of a barrier, but let the light shine in from one area to another. If you would like to add a half wall or full wall, one of our glass block wall kits may be a perfect option for an easy installation. You can also create a custom room divider with just about any of our product lines.


This is a great option for a larger kitchen design where you would like to delineate a space.

Choosing the Right Glass Block and Solid Glass Brick

When it comes to choosing the right glass product for your kitchen remodel, a lot of it comes down to aesthetics. Vetropieno solid glass bricks are versatile and easy to install, but come in a smaller range of colors than our glass block products. 


We are a proud distributor of the Seves Glass Block Inc. line of products. You have nearly endless options when it comes to colors and patterns. And within each product line, you can mix and match to create custom designs. Choose from traditional mortar installation or the easy mortarless installation. 


We also create some of our own custom designs, such as the Old World Lisbon Style Line and Custom Color Block

Order Glass Block and Brick for Your Kitchen Remodel

Browse our website to see which glass block and brick products inspire you. We provide full installation instructions with every glass block order, and our helpful staff is always here to answer your questions and lend guidance. Give us some details about your project, and we can help ensure you get all of the materials you need to make it happen. And if you get stuck during installation, we can help walk you through that as well.

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