Energy Efficient Glass Block Windows

Reduce Your Energy Costs with Attractive Glass Block Windows

Your windows are your first defense against the elements. To better insulate buildings, Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers highly effective energy efficient glass block panels designed to trap in heated or cooled air. These blocks, part of the Pittsburgh Corning LightWise Architectural Systems series, are built to allow in light while blocking out solar heat.

These energy efficient glass block panels have met standards for thermal transmittance (unframed U-Value of 0.34). These energy efficient units can keep HVAC costs in line too. Each block features a low emissivity coated glass panel sandwiched inside the block that filters out about 70% of the total solar energy, while still allowing for superior day lighting.

Specifications for insulating glass unit performance found the glass block to have a frost point at -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we understand the importance of energy efficiency. Please contact our experts today to learn more about how glass block windows can reduce your energy costs.

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Energy Efficient Glass Block Panels (GB-322)