Accessories for your Glass Block Needs

Here at Quality Glass Block we don’t just sell glass block we also sell the accessories that go with it.  No matter which line you have or want to use we got it and we are here to guide you to the proper accessories that you might need for the glass blocks you have.  Trust me when I say, each line has their own accessories because each line is different. 


Mortar Accessories:

Our mortar accessories are pretty generic across the board for all glass block lines, series, sizes and styles.  They may need to be altered a bit but we are here to guide you along if you are unsure how that all works.  It basically is a simple cutting of the Panel Reinforcement to make it fit properly, which with the right tools is easy peasy!  We also have a mortar installation guide that you can follow just ask us and we will guide you.


Mortarless Accessories:

Glass block projects are no longer for the contractor and can be done by the home owner in any DYI project with our Mortarless Accessories.  Our Mortarless Accessories are available in all our series of glass blocks that we have on our website to make you dream space come true with easier installation for the homeowner.  We also have installation guide that we recommend you follow since there are some good tips in there to give you the basic idea of installation.  We also ask our customers if they have any questions at all to contact us right away before starting so we can guide you and cheer you on.

Grout sold separately.


Glass Block Vents:

Our glass block vents are all Hopper Vent style where the opening latch is at the top of the vent.  This is important because a lot of customers love the awning look and unfortunately, these can not be used for the awning application due to the specifications of the vent itself.  We have the ability to change not only the glass, but also the sash unit to Energy Smart if you are looking for more of an energy efficient type vent.  Another interesting fact on our vents is they are made here at our warehouse in Illinois.   Our vents don’t just stop at the Hopper.  We even can provide dryer vents for those who do need a dryer block in their glass block window.  These are also made of all high-quality vinyl and in a few different sizes to help meet your needs of the glass block space.  Not only are our Dryer Vents made in our Illinois location, you can also get the Energy Smart option with these if you are interested.


Masonry Tools:

It is true that you might need some masonry tools on the job or if this is your first time and you don’t have them.  Quality Glass Block is a one stop shop when it comes to having it all.  The only thing we don’t carry would be the mortar which you can get at a local big box store, and it is something we recommend to do to save on shipping costs.  From Trowels, Tuckpointers, Masonry Brushes and Mason Line, we definitely have a good stock rolling through our warehouse.  Ask us for what you might need to get your job or project completed with Mortar.