Custom Color Glass Block

Custom Color Glass Block by Quality Glass Block

Quality Glass Block offers several different series of colors depending on your tastes and quality you are looking for to make your bathroom or any unique space stand out.


European Color Basic Series, the links below will take you to our colored glass and color injected glass blocks for the basic series.

Basic Series Color Glass Block:

Basic Series Injected Color Glass Block:


Pegasus Color and Metalized series, the links below will take you to our metalized and non-metalized.  These blocks have the full bodied color glass blocks and injected color glass block to give a plethora of options to the consumer.

Pegasus Series Non-Metalized Finish:

Pegasus Series Metalized Finish:


Mendini Color Glass, the link below will take you to Mendini which is a no pattern color injected glass block that is unique in it’s own and will add an additional pop to any glass block wall.

Mendini Series Glass Block:


If you are interested in wall kits in the color please check out our Straight Glass Block Wall Kits we have in the metric sized color glass blocks:

European 19 Series Straight Wall Kits:

Pegasus 19 Series Straight Wall Kits:

Mendini Series Straight Wall Kits: