European 19 Series Allbend Wall Kits

The buck doesn’t stop at the Premier Series anymore.  We here at Quality Glass Block have the metric size wall kits that are available with not only finishing units but also Allbends.  With our European 19 Series Allbend Wall Kits you can let your creative style flow freely.  With the choice of two patterns, Arctic, a soft frosted appeal and our classic Wave pattern your desires to making a statement are achievable and endless.  Start your design with our Silicone Installation System today with the help from our staff at Quality Glass Block!

Each kit comes with:

  • The proper amount of glass blocks specified in your option of choice
  • Anchor Packs
  • Horizontal Spacers
  • Vertical Spacer Packs
  • Tubes of Silicone

Color Grout of your choice.  Grout is sold separately.