Glass Block Design Program


Quality Glass Block Design Program

At Quality Glass Block we love interacting with our customers to help get their creative juices flowing or to simple make their vision come to life.  With that said, we have created a unique design program to help the consumer visualize and see our colors up close and personal.  This will allow them to play with different colors and finishes to turn their space into a one of a kind look.  Below you will see the details on what our program entails.  Trust me you are not going to want to miss out on this and all the endless fun and possibilities to make your space one of a kind that no one else will have!


Design Program Details:

For a total of $250.00 you can get involved with our program.  First you will pick out the 16 colors of your choice.  You will receive two block with a matte finish and two block with a gloss finish.  Each block will have four colors on them separated in quadrants.  Once you receive them, you can then take the time to decide which colors best suit your space and life style.  Once the color is chosen we will then make another block for you of that color in the option of Matte or Gloss Finish.  If you choose to go with double sided color, the block may appear darker than your original choice do to the process being applied on both sides.


For further details see below:

  • Covers the shipping and printing of 5 total blocks
  • Block 1 – 4 colors of choice with gloss finishes
  • Block 2 – 4 colors of choice with gloss finishes
  • Block 3 – 4 colors of choice with matte finishes
  • Block 4 – 4 colors of choice with matte finishes
  • Block 5 – 1 color of your choice on either one side or two, Gloss or Matte finish.


Once you have are done with the color samples you can ship them back to us with your chosen color(s).


Please note the glass blocks used as samples are not made for project use.